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Shibuya Nights - Live In Tokyo Live, 2011

A2 Psych Prog Krautrock
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A Psych Prog Krautrock

The band have been invited to play three gigs in Shibuya/Tokio, it was February 2007 exactly. A passionated Japanese fan sponsered their mini tour. This also connoted the first band reunion since 1974, at least when speaking of the core line-up consisting of Lutz 'Lüül' Ulbrich, Michael Hoenig, Burghard Rausch, Gustl Lütjens, and Michael 'Fame' Günther. The song compilation predominantly represents the band's first two studio albums 'Malesch' and 'Second'. That means a proper North African Ethno/World component is also available. Both productions are highly acclaimed, while certainly serving an important contribution to the establishment of the Krautrock genre. The songs very much live from the splendid interaction between both guitarists and are trimmed with a modernized approach a bit. However the spirit of 'the good old days' is still noticeable, that's guaranteed.