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About Our Database

There are many other databases, most notabily Discogs and Musicbrainz, which try to be as precise as possible, trying to map every little detail. For example, some artists have different pseudonyms or working names, as in "Devin Townsend" vs. "Devin Townsend Project". Another can of worms are collaborations, where artists get together and record an album and skip the annoying task of inventing a name for their (temporary) band, so the artist name becomes the list of contributing musicians.

We try to subsume as much as we can under one artist name. As a result, using the example above, there is no artist "Devin Townsend Project", all these releases are under "Devin Townsend". For collaborations we try to put them under the main artist (or just one of them, if necessary pick randomly) and then mention the others in the release name. For example, a collaboration between artist A and artist B might be put under A with the release title "... (with B)".

We care primarily about releases, then tracks, then artists. At any time we try to mention everything someone would search for in some of the fields. So when you are adding an artist, please keep all of that in mind. Please do not add specific "variations" of an artist, but put all the releases under one broad umbrella and then put the detail info in the release.

Using the example from above again, a "Devin Townsend Project" album should be added to "Devin Townsend", and you can either put the "Project" name in the release name, or in the sorting name field of the release, which will result in the release being found when someone searches for that word.