Obsidian Tide

The Grand Crescendo 2023

B3 Mystical Extreme Prog Alt Metal/Rock
released (Fri, Sep 29)
added by Mike
found at PA
Review by bardberic published , edited
D Mystical Extreme Prog Alt Metal/Rock

For fans of Watershed-era Opeth, Mabool-era Orphaned Land, and Exul-era Ne Obliviscaris. Lacks the Tool-esque alternative edge of the debut. This sophomore release probably has better songwriting, but I do not like the new "modern," as the band calls it, production/engineering techniques. Would be a much better rating if it were produced well like the debut instead of poorly like it is now... it''s way too loud, which is really unfortunate, as it sounds very compressed... this is why we can't have nice things .