8 Energetic Tech Modern Prog Black Death/Extreme Metal
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Dramatic Tech Modern Prog Chamber Metal

"Another Opethcore band... how original and unique...

Like usual with Extreme Prog groups, I actually prefer this album over anything Opeth has done after Morningrise. And to be fair, this one is actually really good, I think - maybe one of the best I've heard in this genre. It's also very modern.

It's technical, but not noodly, so unlike others within this genre, it doesn't meander too much for my liking. The orchestral elements are a nice touch, too.

The biggest test here is the production. Almost every extreme prog album I've heard after Still Life is horribly produced, and you can blame Jens "DR 6" Bogren and Backwater Park for that. Nevertheless, I don't know who produced this album, but it was done actually fairly well. The mix could be a little more balanced, and I think it needs a little more grit as it feels a quite sterile and clean, but I'm not complaining about it. Rocking a DR of 9, whoever mastered this one knows how to make a good sounding album. This is ultimately why I didn't really like the new Wilderun album, Mr. Bogren decided to brickwall that one, and it would otherwise have been a great album. Exhul is a great album, but it is not brickwalled. It is just a great album.