Dream Theater

Falling Into Infinity 1997

37 Cold Melodic Neo Prog Metal/Rock
added by Mike
Review by Mike published , edited
Melodic Neo Prog Metal

"This is actually quite good. Back at the time when it was released it wasn't well received by many fans, being much more accessible and "smooth" than the preceeding Scenes From A Memory, perhaps the most iconic prog metal release ever.

Well, I find myself returning to this album from time to time, enjoying the music without any unnecessary comparisons. It stands well on its own."

Review by Time_Signature published
Prog Metal

"Yes, I've heard the criticism before: pretentious title, pretentious artwork, pretentious music, pretentious lyrics, pretentious this and pretentious that. And, I honestly do not care if "Falling Into Infinity" is pretentious or not. I like the album, and I think there are some really strong and interesting tracks on it. And, yes, they may be technical and cerebral, but that is exactly what I like about Dream Theater's music: it is complex and challenging to listen to, yet there is a lot of melody in it, and it is possible to rock along to even the oddest odd time signature parts.

The opening track "New Millennium" is one of my favorite Dream Theater tracks (and I don't think I'm alone on this one), and I also like the heavier "You not Me" and "Burning My Soul". "Hell's Kitchen" is also an interesting song... well, all the tracks have some interesting qualitites to them.

As with the previous Dream Theater albums, I think the "Falling Into Infinitive" is a progressive metal classic (pretentious or not) that belongs in any progressive metal collection.

(review also posted on metalmusicarchives.com)"

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