Dream Theater

Systematic Chaos 2007

A37 Energetic Melodic Modern Prog Metal/Rock
added by Mike
Review by Time_Signature published
S Epic Prog Metal

As with "Train of Thought", "Systematic Chaos" is a Dream Theater album which is very unpopular among more progressively inclined fans. The reason is probably that "Systematic Chaos" is almost as heavy as "Train of Thought", anthough I think that "Systematic Chaos" is musically more complex; but, interestingly, there are more commercial-like elements on "Systematic Chaos", such as catchy and simply choruses and chorus melodies.

Personally, I really like "Systematic Chaos". I like how heavy it is, and I like how the complex and tricky parts as well as the more commercial parts blend into the picture very well, creating systematically chaotic progressive metal. I like all of the tracks very much, although I did get a little bit tired of listening to "Forsaken".

This album will probably appeal to fans of heavier progressive metal, and I also think it would be a good entry point into the world of Dream Theater for the "uninitated".

(review originally posted on metalmusicarchives.com)

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