Empire 1990

A12 Hard Epic Neo Prog Metal
added by Mike
Review by Time_Signature published
S Melodic Prog-Adj Metal

"The follow-up to "Operation: Mindcrime", "Empire" does not falter in the shade of its predecessor, as it teems with catchy and intelligent hard rock tunes.

This is probably my favorite Queensrÿche album, because it is sophisticated and thought-provoking while at the same time very catchy and accessible. While, Queensrÿche tend to constantly redefine themselves, "Empire" pretty much picks up stylistically where "Operation: Mindcrime" left off. There are plenty of captivating uplifting hardrock and metal riffs on this release, and, like on "Operation: Mindcrime", Geoff Tate makes effective use of his impressive vocal register (just check out 'The Thin Line'). The rhythm section is rock solid, and Scott Rockenfield shows that you do not have to be hyper technical to make things work in progressive metal - he does a superb job on this release.

Like on "Operation: Mindcrime", there are no weak tracks on this album, and it is no secret that some of my all time favorite rock tracks are found on "Empire", such as the title track, 'Best I Can', 'The Thin Line', 'Jet City Woman', 'Another Rainy Night (Without You)', and 'Anybody Listening?'.

One of the finest prog metal releases around, this should appeal to fans of both sophisticated and progressive music as well as to those who prefer more accessible rock music.

(review originally posted on metalmusicarchives.com)"

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