Rust in Peace 1990

S22 Energetic Tech Classic Non-Prog Thrash
added by Mike
"Way too much aimless noodling for me to really enjoy; I don't really get the big deal. Also the 2004 remix is awful... it completely changed the way the album sounds, in a bad way." (bardberic)
Supreme"A classic, and one of the best thrash metal albums ever. Belongs up there with "Master of Puppets" and "Reign in Blood"." (Time_Signature)
Review by Mike published
S Cynical Tech Classic Prog-Adj Thrash

"The unofficial best Thrash album of all time. What else is there to say? Stunning musicianship, brilliant songs, relentless pace. Of course Mustaine's vocals are an aquired taste - love them or hate them. I don't mind, and their timbre surely matches the message.

And I really like the 2004 remixed version. It's a tradeoff - the original mix is quite flat, but decent. The 2004 remix is much more transparent and brings out the instruments much better, especially bass and drums, but it is also quite loud. To be fixed in the future ..."



"I was always floored by the sheer force of these riffs. The epitomy of Thrash. An epic track, and a timeless masterpiece."

- Hangar 18 5:14
- Lucretia 3:58
Review by HughesJB4 published
S Tech Modern Prog-Adj Thrash

"Perhaps the peak of thrash metal. Incredibly well written songs, amazing guitar solos from Marty Friedman (who simply made Kirk Hammett looking like a beginner) overall amazing musicianship and despite it's aggressiveness and some of the most technical metal of it's era, it manages to balance it with a good dose of melodic playing too."

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