Iron Maiden

Powerslave 1984

S29 Energetic Epic Classic English Prog-Adj NWOBHM/Power Metal
added by Mike
Supreme"This album brings back many childhood memories ... the wonderfully melodic twin guitar solos, the driving drums and bass, the powerful voice ... perfect." (Mike, )
Review by Time_Signature published
S Classic Prog-Adj NWOBHM

"This is yet another metal mammoth released by Iron Maiden in their golden streak of the 1980s, and one, which I think, maintains a high level of solidness all the way through.

I really do not think that there are any weak moments on this album, and even the more obscure tracks like the instrumental "Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)" and "Back in the Village" and the very underestimated "The Duellists" and "Flash of the Blade" are just as engaging and headbanging-inducing is the power opener "Aces High", the steady rocker "2 Minutes to Midnight", the dark and gallopping "Powerslave", and the epic "Rime of the Ancient Mariner".

This album simply contains everything that Maiden do so well: guitar harmonies, melody, aggression, gallopping, catchy vocals, air raid siren singing etc.

This is a heavy metal classic that everyone should own.

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