The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 1974

S49 Surreal Epic Classic English Prog Art Rock/Pop
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Supreme"Essential listening - a benchmark." (mpomy, )
Review by tribeca published
S Epic English Prog Art Rock

"Don't be scared of this album. The lyrics can be deconstructed in a couple of different ways. Exploring identity and the choices we make in life is the simple one but there are many references to classic literature as well. In all probability, like a David Lynch film, there can be many meanings to many people. I don't think you could ever describe it as difficult or ambiguous though and aside from the improvisation of 'The Waiting Room' the album defines the art of the concept ideology in a way that releagates Topographic Oceans to skimming the surface.

Don't get me wrong Topographic Oceans is a 10/10 album but obviously pretentious. The Lamb is the godfather of punk in it's realism. Look at the imagery and tell me PG wasn't 4/5 years ahead of his time with the RAEL depiction.

Side 4 is my preferred returning point with Colony of Slippermen, Riding The Scree, In The Rapids being possibly my favourite section of music of all time."

Review by Lofcaudio published
S Classic Prog Rock

"Like all good prog, the first time I listened to this album, I scratched my head and thought "What the heck is this crap?!?" And though I still haven't figured out what all the crap on this album is, I have grown to appreciate the music enough to give The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway a very high rating.

It seems that most hardcore Genesis fans have a hard time liking The Lamb compared to Foxtrot, Selling England, etc. However, I much prefer this album. I am a sucker for concept albums (even if I don't always understand exactly what the concept is). There are so many unforgettable passages in this two-disc experience beginning with the opening piano solo.

While I do recognize that the album isn't perfect due to some "less than musical" moments ("The Waiting Room" and "Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats"), there are so many great tunes packaged in The Lamb that it would be wrong for me to give this anything less than an Excellent rating. Songs such as "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway", "In the Cage", "The Carpet Crawlers", "Lilywhite Lilith", "Anyway", "The Lamia", "The Colony of Slippermen" and "It" are all great songs. Some of them are haunting in their solemn melodies and some are thought-provoking with their anguished lyrics, but all are great music, in my opinion.

I highly recommend this album."

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