Blackfield 2004

A15 Melancholic Poetic Neo Prog-Adj Alt Rock/Pop
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Review by OpenMind published
S Prog-Adj Rock

As a big fan of Porcupine Tree's music, this album - maybe because one half of the project is SW - is some kind of a continuity to the musical genre that PT invented, Although the songs are less complicated than PT's songs, contains only 3-4 minutes of music.

Mainly, the album is dealing with inner-heart problems; broken relationships, broken dreams and even has its way of expressing social protest ("Cloudy Now"). an interesting fact about the songs that the album contains is that three of them are actually translations of Aviv Geffen's songs, that he released in israel ("Glow", "Cloudy Now" & "Scars"). "Scars" was also performed with AG's band, "The Mistakes".

My favorite tracks in the album are "Glow" & the first single that came out of the album, "Hello". the last is maybe only 03:03, but it still has a lot more than it's time.

In my opinion, there is no wonder that "Blackfield" has so much success all around europe, beacuse it speaks to a global audience. so, i will give it 4 stars (il'l keep 5 stars for the next albums... :).