Death Magnetic 2008

B19 Aggressive Melodic Modern Prog-Adj Thrash/Heavy Metal
added by Mike
Review by zitro published
B Prog-Adj Thrash

Back to the Roots, Metallica play fast and heavy like in the old days. Most songs are long and songwriting based around riffs. James (singer/rhythm guitar) is at his top form, bass and lead guitars are quite good too, and the drummer sounds like crap. Luckily, all songs are at least decent with the instrumental being probably the weakest one.



Very epic intro with intertwining guitar riffs


The best melodies are here. Great chorus. Horrible drums in the 2nd half saved by great guitar workouts


Heaviest song

- Cyanide 6:39

I love the buildup, but most of the rest is a bit uninspired


sounds like a demo.


Hell Yeah!! \m/ ^_^ \m/ but I wished that Mike Portnoy was the drumming instead of a drum machine errr, Lars

Review by Time_Signature published
S Energetic Epic Prog Thrash

Ah... they're back. This album contains elements that are reminiscent of "Master of Puppets" and "...and Justice for All", such as long songs and more musical complexity thant what Metallica have offered since the black album, and added to this is some of the raw energy of "St. Anger".

"Death Magnetic" is a very varied album with some songs veing almost Slayer-like while others are groovy and others again very melodic, and others again contain riffs that remind me of the Exodus of the 80s. Best of all, Kirk's shreddy solos are back, which I've certainly missed for many years. "Death Magnetic" certainly is the best Metallica since "...and Justice for All".

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