Trust 2006

A6 Dynamic Modern Prog-Adj Art Rock
added by Mike
Awesome"This is my first Saga album too. Cool album. Belongs in my top three albums of 2006 just onto now." (Carpetcrawler)
Review by Mike published
B Dynamic Modern Prog-Adj Art Rock

"This is my first exposure to Saga, and I enjoyed it. Most songs don't really grab me - they're kind of simplistic and (at least to me) not very interesting, but still decent. But a couple of songs are really nice, and more progressive than you would expect from a band that had their biggest hits in the 80s with a very much AOR/Stadium Rock oriented style. The good songs on this album reminded me much of Enchant, with a dose of (Non-Prog) Toto thrown in. Light Prog, but still!"

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