15 Sad Melodic Neo Prog Alt Rock/Metal
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Review by Windhawk published
Symph Modern Prog Rock

"Posthumous Silence has been included in quite a few lists of best releases in 2006.

And with a reason.

Although the music do resemble Marillion in places, most of all Sylvan sound like themselves for 95% of the time.

Lush keyboards filling up the soundscape and enhancing moods, the melancholic and somewhat sad soaring voice of Marco Glühmann, the metal guitars utilized as musical backdrops to create sinister atmospheres where needed, the piano and the fuzz-less guitar carrying the melodies in most of the songs.

And the songs. 15 is listed, but really there's just one or two tracks - depending how you view it - where individual parts have been given a song name. And all of the parts are good as well.

Strong melodies, good drive, strong moods and emotions throughout.

Some will probably feel that all the catchy chorus parts aren't true to the idea of progressive music; but if you can stand the idea of having chorus parts you can hum along to there's a good chance that you'll judge this release the same way as I do: As a masterpiece."