Anoxia Denmark

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Melodic Non-Prog Power Metal

"Anoxia's 2010 album "A Lapdance for the Devil" is promoted as a "thrash metal attack with references to Artillery and Iron Maiden". While there are thrash metal elements, I think there are way more traditional metal and power metal elements. anyway, that's just fanboy genre w*nkery - the important thing is the music itself.

And this album is actually very good. Most of the tracks seemlessy combine power with melody into a very melodic but not really cheesy type of power metal. The thrash elements that are there obviously contribute to this power-melody equilibrium. "Risky on the Rock" is a good example of Anoxia's brand of thrash-infused power metal.

I think this album will appeal to fans of power metal and fans of traditional heavy metal. Thrash metal fans may like it, too, but do not expect this to be an Exodus, Testament, Artillery or Slayer style album.

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