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Symph Prog Metalcore

"Across the Sun are tyopically considered a standard metalcore band, and there certainly are many metalcore elements to be found on "Before the Night Takes Us" - and there are indeed similarities between Across the Sun and Killswitch Engage and Anime Fire. However, apart from that, I think that Across the Sun is quite far away from the the core of the genre (pun intended).

"Before the Night Takes Us" is a pretty good album with lots of interesting elements derived from several different metal subgenres. There are the metalcore elements, like breakdowns and the combination of clean and harsh vocals and so on. There are also thrashy elements, some speed metal elements, and then some melodic elements that seem to be inspired by classic metal.

The defining feature, however, is the use of melodic, symphonic electronic and progressive elements. Some of it has been heard before in metalcore. Ax7, for instance, are known to be mildly progressive now and then, and Anime Fire make heavy use of electronics, while there's a vast army of melodic metalcore bands marching under the Killswitch banner. However, Across the Sun combine these elements in an ingenious manner, and there is certainly focus on the more symphonic aspect. There are several symphonic elements - keyboard-generated and otherwise - in most of the tracks. I think that a lot of it works really well, but sometimes it becomes too much, and symphonic effects are inserted where they are not necessary, because the guitar riffage is strong enough in itself.

Vocals-wise, the clean vocals are extremely good. The do not care much for the growled vocals, and since the clean vocals are so good, I wish that they'd just stuck with those and dropped the growling.

I think that fans of symphonic metal will certainly be interested in this release. Mind you, it's pretty good.

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