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"With 'Happy Nation', Ace of Base became very popular back in the early 1990s even though it is a thoroughly awful, uninspiring and monotonous collection boring early house/dance pop songs. However, there are three interesting tunes on the album, all of which revolve around driving and catchy bass "riddims" - namely, the reggae-based 'All That She Wants', 'Wheel of Fortune', and 'Happy Nation' which successfully blend the catchy drive of reggae and the rather melancholic atmosphere that pervades much Scandinavian music. Even the lyrical aspect of these songs, while not totally free of sillyness, convey some interesting messages compared to the uninspired garbled gibberish of the rest of the songs on this album. It is no wonder that these three tunes became Ace of Base's greatest hits ever, and it's not wonder either that they became Ace of Base's only hits."