Katatonia Sweden

74 Non-Prog79
[Awesome Production9, Awesome Musicianship8, Awesome Songwriting9, Awesome Composition9 and Great Lyrics7]
added by Mike
Review by Mike published
Modern Prog-Adj Metal

"Wow! I was never too much into Katatonia, but I love this album even after one listen. It's reminding me much of Tool (the drumming and guitars) and Opeth (song structure, "mood swings" and clean vocals), but it's not really derivative - Katatonia have their own sound, and it shines through in every song here, with just a tiny bit more seriousness, ambition and - prog."

Review by Mike published
Dark Modern Non-Prog Metal

"On this album Katatonia sound "mildly" progressive - it seems like they're trying to leave mainstream behind, but somehow can't cross the border. Some songs are quite interesting and experimental, others are mainstream and even venture into Nu-Metal territory."

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