Magma France

A138 Prog86
[Awesome Musicianship25, Great Composition21, Great Production25, Great Songwriting21 and Decent Coverart21]
added by Mike
Review by Logan published
S Avant Zeuhl/Fusion

"A wonderful effort by Magma -- "Theusz Hamtaahk" is the standout; one of the best tracks Magma has done. It is stunning, "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh," though worthwhile, lacks the pace and excitement I had expected and feels a little too forced. It's an essential release for all who love Magma, and has proved a good gateway into Magma's world for some.

Subsequently, I've come to love this version of MDK much more, and I am more likely to listen to it than the MDK studio album. It's wonderful how the pace changes.

This has easily been my most played album by Magma over the last year and a half."


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