Art Cinema Denmark

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Ambient Modern Prog Rock

"Yet another amazing release courtesy of Danish multi-instrumentalist, composer and workaholic Robin Taylor.

Art Cinema is a project formed in 2007, after the recording of the "Soundwall" album by Taylor's Universe. The collaboration between Taylor and Denner was so good that it warranted a project of its own, and thus Art Cinema was born.

The musical content will sound familiar to fans of Taylor's previous outings; jazz and rock with symphonic influences; spiced with warm, textured layers of keyboard and synth sounds, organ and sax given much room to create and enhance moods, and a detailed, round production that manage to soften the music while retaining the finer details.

On this release extensive use of vocals in the tunes are a brand new element, vocalists Jytte Lindberg and Louise Nipper both providing excellent singing, and the compositions are less complex in structure, while containing just as many detailed complexities in the soundscapes as most other releases Taylor is involved in.

Accessible tunes, strong on melody, mood and atmosphere - and one of the top albums of 2008 so far."

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