Roger Waters United Kingdom

B62 Prog-Adj45
[Awesome Songwriting17, Awesome Production17, Awesome Lyrics17, Awesome Composition16 and Awesome Musicianship17]
added by lordoflight
Review by Mike published
A Cynical Minimalistic Prog-Adj Post Singer Songwriter

"This is a nice afterthought to one of the greatest albums of all time. It is not meant to replace it, and a lot of the negativity towards it stems from the idea that it somehow takes away from the original (which it does not) or from a dislike of Roger Waters due to his political views. Well, the lyrics on DSOTM are clearly his idea, the criticism of society is as present on the original recording as it is here, where RW adds spoken word passages that intensify the message, but really do not alter its essence.

Thanks Roger for having made Pink Floyd the exceptional band that it was. Ultimate greatness was achieved through the collaboration of all the members, but his songwriting and lyrical cynicism was the backbone of the major PF masterpieces."

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