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[Great Production18, Great Songwriting18, Great Lyrics18, Great Musicianship18 and Great Composition18]
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Review by zitro published

"The follow up to her excellent debut is really more of the same. This isn't a bad thing as Tori knows how to make good simple songs due to her excellent piano playing and melodious vocals which rarely repeat themselves.

There is one problem. The album is not as musically strong and fresh as the original, and it also does not have a clear highlight like "Precious Things" or the title track. Lastly, its mellower nature makes it less exciting to the ears."

Review by zitro published
Dark Emotional Pop

"Very good personal album with a very stripped-down approach: mostly vocals and the grand piano.

Very dark lyrics contrasts with the happier musical arrangements. Overall, this album is very strong compositionally without the need of prog or complexity. "Precious Things" is an example of what I mean."

Review by Mike published
Somber Minimalistic Prog-Adj Art Pop

"My favorite Tori Amos album, although I have to admit that I lost track of her after Choirgirl Hotel. It is very calm, and half of the tracks are without drums or bass. All kinds of experimental elements are used - noisy guitars and instruments used out of context, for example on Bells for Her where Tori uses the piano to emulate bells. What I love most about this album are the odd melodies that Tori seems to write effortlessly, and the totally natural and symbiotic merging of her piano playing and the vocals."