Justin Hayward United Kingdom

B7 Non-Prog6
[Excellent Songwriting5, Great Production5, Great Musicianship5, Great Lyrics5 and Very Good Composition5]
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A Melodic Prog-Adj Rock

Moody Blues' guitarist Hayward's first solo album, recorded during the band's mid 70s 'break'. It is a strong set, full of lively well-crafted songs with Hayward sounding in good voice, somehow invigorated and unshackled, aided by a crystal clear production and some excellent support musicians.

This is the album where Hayward first explores styles and more down-to-earth subjects away from the core MB sound. Stylistically, it may be considered the album that determined the Moodies' direction from the late 70s onwards. Many of the old ingredients remain in place - his voice and guitar of course - but the alternative musicians create a new dynamic. Noticeably strong is the bass player!

An all round good 'un, that should please Moodies fans. Oh, and Nostradamus is amongst the best songs he has written!

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