Gazpacho Norway

A111 Prog87
[Solidly Awesome Musicianship25, Solidly Awesome Production25, Solidly Awesome Composition25, Beyond Great Songwriting25 and Excellent Lyrics21]
added by Mike
Review by Soul Dreamer published
Night 2007
S Dark Emotional Neo Prog Rock

This is the best album I heard in a long time. I'm completely overwhelmed by it. This is definitely a masterpiece. The tags here don't do it right, it should be something like post neo prog. I could describe the music as a mixture of Radiohead, Talk Talk and Marillion but that doesn't do this unique album right. The album is actually one track, split up in 5 pieces. It's a concept album about sleep and dream. It is creative, coherent and marvelous music which doesn't fail in all the 53 minutes, and in the end leaves you wanting just one thing: To hear it again.

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