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S2 Prog2
[Beyond Great Production2, Beyond Great Songwriting and Beyond Great Musicianship]
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Review by bardberic published , edited
- Symph Extreme Power Metal/Gothenburg Metal

Shame. This looks like it could have been really good. And they had me for a few minutes. Then I realized the production is just... frustrating. I look up the credits on Bandcamp and surely enough... it's Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, and immediately I could hear it thereon out. Pity. For the record, I hate Fascination Street Studios. Jens Bogren, and more recently Tony Lindgren, starting with Opeth's Blackwater Park, has completely ruined dozens of albums, that would otherwise have sounded great, due to their god awful mastering. Orphaned Land's Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs, Wilderun's Epigone, Opeth's Blackwater Park, Symphony X's Paradise Lost - I can hardly sit through any of these as they're brickwalled, and just have a boring, soulless, dull, muffled and compressed, nd claustrophobic production value that fails to capture any of my interest whatsoever. This is no exception. It has the infamous Bogren sound and like every other release that credits this studio, it's a hard pass from me. Unfinished. Bad production. Stop hiring this studio people! They are terrible.

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