Aisles Chile

23 Prog29
[Awesome Musicianship6, Awesome Production5, Great Composition5, Great Songwriting5 and Great Coverart3]
Review by Rivertree published , edited
Soundtrack, 2023
Heavy Neo Prog Rock

"They are still aboard! Inspired by the equally named Sci-Fi novel written by Francis Ortega this is a rather unusual band release, just like a suite based on diverse song snippets. Tricky instrumental fairway as usual, featuring a proper amount of electronics on this occasion."

Review by Rivertree published
Neo Prog Rock/Metal

"Guitarist Germán Vergara describes it as a 'record of crisis, but also of inspiring moments'. Album and track titles are anticipating some time of unrest. For sure a significant change concerning the line up, singer Israel Gil substituted Sebastian Vergara some years ago. Fabulous implementation regarding all instruments. There's so much potential available to survive, demonstrated with the recent two albums."