Southern Empire Australia

21 Prog19
[Supreme Production8, Awesome Composition8, Awesome Songwriting7, Awesome Musicianship7 and Awesome Lyrics7]
added by Evolver
Review by Rivertree published , edited
Heavy Prog Rock

"The band around keyboarder Sean Timms re-appears in 2023 with new lead singer Shaun Holton. They are offering seven new Heavy Progressive Rock essentials, again comprised of the wellknown tricky execution concerning the instrumental parts. This skillful blend of atmospheric and powerful moments is recommendable, no reason to complain. Again Steve Unruh and Marek Arnold have been hired for the purpose of serving some violin and wind contributions."

Review by MoebiusStreet published

"Southern Empire deserve a lot more recognition for this than they've got. This is really a a sterling example of contemporary heavier prog rock.

Why is it that I like the opener "Goliath's Moon" so much? Lyrically, it seems like a pretty dumb song. But the music is really compelling, and the whole thing is just so well executed, that it remains something compelling, that I listen to frequently."

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