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B8 Prog8
added by Mike
Review by Mike published
Formless 2006
B Mystical Tech Modern Prog Metal/New Age

What do you call this kind of music? Sure, it's metal. But it has a strange "New Age" quality to it - mainly caused by the elaborate bass melodies together with atmospheric clean electric guitar voicings. If you like Jazz-Fusion and New Age, but not the typical metal sound, you should give this album a try - and all fans of 90s experimental Death metal should do so too, to see what some of the members of these bands are up to in the new millenium.

Now I described how it sounds like, but is it good? I think so - the vocals are bothering me a little bit, she often sings in a strangely dispassionate way. But I guess it was intended to sound like that, and maybe I'll eventually aquire the taste.

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