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[Awesome Production2, Awesome Songwriting2, Awesome Lyrics2, Awesome Musicianship2 and Great Coverart2]
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Review by Time_Signature published
Melodic Non-Prog Hard Rock

"This album is an undeniable tour de force of melodic AOR hard rock, as it contains a lot of the things that make melodic hard rock enjoyable - at least to me. First of all, the guitar is at the center of things on this album, and with the many solid and, at times even quite heavy, riffs, a couple of which enter metal territory, and guitar solos which are both blazing and full of feel "Undeniable" should definitely hit it with guitar fans. But, there is more to the album in terms of performance than just the guitar, as the drums, while not overly technical, actually has some interesting wee details on the cymbals and the hi-hat and provides an overall rocking drive. But, given that this is melodic hard rock, there is of course emphasis on melody, which is reflected in the extremely catchy vocal lines, but also in a good handful of tunes being perhaps softer than what some fans of hard rock might like, a couple of them qualifying as ballads - but then again, that just means that the album has a broad appeal. "Undeniable" is undeniably a tasty rock album which should appeal to fans of melodic AOR hard rock acts like Toto and Boston, and which is generally a very enjoyable listen. (review originally posted at"

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