Ancient Ascendant United Kingdom

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Innovative Prog Death

"Ancient Ascendant are hereto remind us that death metal, if done right, can be friggin' awesome. They combine elements from the traditional death metal of the 1990s with modern elements and add a bit of thrash and some melody too (especially the guitar solos are melodic).

While there are blastbeats to be found on this album, Ancient Ascendant aim at being crushingly heavy - and they are quite successful at that - there are some crushing and groovy breakdowns on this album (and the metal murists need not worry - Ancient Ascendant are not a deathcore act). I guess their style may be compared to a blend of Morta Skuld, Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel (before they became copkillers) with a dose of progressiveness on top. The music is semi-technical and progressive in the same was as Neuraxis and Sectu - which means that there are a lot of changes, riffs and nice details in every song, showing that we are dealing with skilled musicians but without ever becoming unnecessarily technical and show-offy.

If you like your death metal interesting and varied, yet heavy and chrushing, then you should check out this album, which surely will appeal to fans of bands like Sectu, Morta Skuld, and Neuraxis.

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