Assaulter Australia

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Review by Time_Signature published
Boundless 2011
Non-Prog Retro Thrash/Black

"This is old school trash metal with some black metal elements.

Musically, the songs on this album are deliberately retro and primitive, sometimes reminding me of early Slayer. Assaulter make use of a lot of guitar harmonies and lead melodies, Arabian scales and other unexpected complexities, which at times make the music sound epic - and interesting contrast to the otherwise dirty and primitive riffage. Some good examples are "Slave to King", "The Perpetual War"m "Exalt the Master" and "The Great Subterfuge"m all of which should rock your socks off.

The production is raw - especially the drums - but this unpolished quality fits the music very well, and is likely to appeal to fans of old school thrash metal. And, as a whole, I think that fans of early thrash metal and early black metal, like Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Venom will love this album.

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